Britt-Angela Williams & Consultants, Inc. specializes in providing full-service legal staffing solutions to enhance the profitability and productivity of our law firm and corporate in-house legal department employers.   Our consistent quality service and expertise is the key to your success in working with Britt-Angela Williams & Consultants, Inc. Our legal recruiting business is committed to providing timely legal staffing solutions and a strong sense of urgency to law firms and corporate in-house legal departments throughout the South Florida area. Employers can be assured that we will pre-screen all candidates to assess their skills, qualifications and legal experience.

Recruitment of experienced professionals takes time away from your busy schedule. It is virtually impossible to operate an efficient law firm or in-house legal department without finding experienced legal vendors offering superior services.  Utilizing the legal recruitment services of a professional legal placement service saves you time and money when you need to find an employee to fill a critical position.

If you are interested in listing a job opportunity with us, please simply click HERE and complete the job listing form or e-mail the job description to Britt-Angela Williams at and/or contact our office directly at 305.608.8118


“I cannot even begin to thank you for all you have done to assist me in finding my current position!  It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and you handled so many different components simultaneously and with the utmost professionalism.  You also took the time to meet and speak with me on numerous occasions and to answer all of my questions which I greatly appreciated.  Communicating with you was always effortless and truly a pleasure. I highly recommend your services and will gladly refer you to other candidates in the job market.

Thank you again for all of your hard work, dedication and professionalism!”


Brian, Paralegal


“I say with great pleasure that it was a wonderful experience working with Britt-Angela throughout my search for new employment.  Not only was she looking for the right person to fit the job description for the employer, but more importantly was looking out for the right employment for me”  It was never a one sided experience…She handled it like a true professional!” -Millie R., Paralegal

“Britt-Angela Williams is an extremely professional recruiter.  I have worked with other recruiters in the past but can unequivocally state that she is the best in her field.  Not only does she take the time to know the candidates and their specific abilities, she also knows the positions for which she is recruiting.  Whether you are actively seeking to make a change, or need to find employment, Britt-Angela is the recruiter to use.” -Ileana C., Paralegal

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Britt-Angela Williams over the course of the past 10 years. She has exhibited the utmost integrity and professionalism that I have found in my dealings with her. Ms. Williams is an accomplished, bright, highly motivated, energetic and talented person that honors her commitments. She has gone out of her way in helping to place me and is always there to provide a jolt of encouragement and a kind word, often putting in long hours to assist with a negotiation in order to make certain I am right fit for an opportunity. Britt-Angela’s hard work and dedication are deeply appreciated! She has consistently identified high quality positions in a very tight employment market, presented me in a very attractive manner, and has been instrumental in negotiating a good deal for me and her client. I highly recommend doing business with Britt-Angela Williams and Williams & Consultants, Inc. and I, myself have referred a number of quality candidates to her as I am certain with Britt-Angela they will receive a first rate and top notch experience in their dealings working with a brilliant, capable, caring, compassionate and intelligent recruiter that lends her experience and expertise within the legal arena in a manner that sets her apart from any other recruiter or agency firm.  With Britt-Angela Williams & Consultants, Inc. you will receive assistance and guidance from a boutique firm that specializes in truly knowing their candidates and thoroughly researching the legal market to seek out clients that are wanting to secure the highest quality legal assistants and paralegals in South Florida.”- Rose L., Business Development Government & Legal Affairs Manager

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