Women in business-The Caplan Sisters, founders of Footzyfolds

As a woman in business, I am always intrigued to find out what makes other women in business successful. Last week, Katie Couric on the Katie talk-show had an amazing  segment entitled “Women who made Millions with a Simple Idea”.  The segment featured women from various backgrounds who started their own companies-these women all had 2 things in common; they made millions from their businesses that they started with one very simple idea.  The Caplan sisters’ story really resounded with me. Sarah & Jenifer Caplan are the co-founders of Footzyfolds, the shoe company that creates fashion-forward “foldable &  rollable shoes” that fit in your purse! Sarah & Jenifer had a simple idea and brought it to life and the rest is history! Take a look at their segment below, maybe it will inspire you to bring your own simple idea to life.



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