In order to take advantage of a great  opportunity to advance your career, you have to be prepared to take advantage of that  opportunity .

. . and that’s exactly what we can do for you at Britt-Angela Williams &¬†Consultants, Inc.


Britt-Angela Williams & Consultants, Inc., provides a variety of career listings within small, medium and large law firms and in-house corporate legal departments located in the South Florida area. Our success comes from taking the initiative to match your skills, needs and circumstances to an opportunity that is right for you. We want to assist you in attaining and meeting your immediate goals. In addition there are no hidden charges whatsoever to utilize our service. The employer pays our legal recruitment service; there is absolutely no cost to the candidate at any time. Let us help you find your next career opportunity!

Referral Incentive Bonus:

You can feel confident in referring your friends to our legal staffing service. We offer a bonus for each referral resulting in a direct hire placement. Bonuses for direct hire referrals are paid after the candidate has been on active payroll for 90 days. Since there may be a duplication of names referred to us, we reserve the right to determine if a referral bonus is due. A qualified referral is a candidate who has not already been submitted to our office within the past year. Referrals are good up to one year from the date of submission.

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