Scoring an interview is great, but it is the follow up that may seal the deal!

Recently I was given the opportunity to speak to the Florida Registered Paralegal Committee at the Dade County Bar Association; the topic of our conversation: Interview Etiquette. We of course discussed the basics of interviewing: be on-time, copy of resume on hand, wear a suit, turn off the cell phone.  We also discussed the importance of following up after the interview has completed with a “Thank you” email.  I know many people feel that a simple “thank you” at the time of the interview is enough, but I believe further follow up is required.  A “Thank you” email is a great way to communicate to the prospective employer that you are really interested in working for their company.  An effective “Thank you”e-mail should include 3 things: Thank the interviewer for his/her time, briefly connect prior experience to the current opportunity, reconfirm interest in the position offered.  Clearly a well written e-mail should be spell checked and free from grammatical errors (this is also a time to showcase your effective communication skills).  So at the close of the interview, make sure you get the interviewer’s card (so you can spell their name correctly and get their email address) and send that email out; you never know it may just seal the deal!


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